People need to get onto their roofs. It’s our job to make roof access as safe as possible. We supply Latchways’ WalkSafe, the level anti-slip surface which is a demarcation route for workers’ movements, preventing fall hazards.

WalkSafe is manufactured from recycled PVCu, with an anti-slip surface attached to the rooftop. WalkSafe works on all major roof systems: standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and single ply membrane.

We’ll be glad to quote bespoke WalkSafe solutions for unusual or less common roof materials.

WalkSafe is manufactured from recycled PVCu and is designed to provide a levelled, anti-slip, delineated walkway surface which affixes to the roofing system.

WalkSafe can provide a demarcation route which guides a workers movement in areas where there are potential fall hazards, whilst eliminating wear and tear on the roofing systems in heavily trafficked areas.