Service Centre

A2M are trained to service Latchways, Protecta, Sala and Ridgegear.

Under the PPE regulations equipment must be inspected before each and every occasion of use. Equipment must also be inspected/serviced by competent authorised personnel at least annually. This does not apply to suspension equipment which is bi-annual under LOLER regulations.

The frequency of use of the equipment and environment must also be considered so more regular inspections and servicing may be required.

We offer:

  • Regular servicing
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Updates
  • Upgrades

We can also provide testing and maintenance services. Inspection & Testing is required under EN365 (European Norm) at least once a year, to maintain system certification. A2M will carry out system checks such as deployment of shock absorbers, swage tests and torque checks as part of this process.

So don’t forget – installation and inspection are only the beginning. Come to A2M for a comprehensive service and maintenance offering for all your height safety systems.