Up At The O2

Case Study


The O2


Fall Protection system required for multiple users on tourist attraction.


Bridgelatch System

Product Details

ManSafe® cable system with Bridgelatch attachment devices.

A2M Safety are proud to be the installers of the cable system  at ‘Up At The 02’ Tickets for the attraction can be found at: https://tickets.aegeurope.com/upattheo2/climbs.html


‘Up at The O2’ is the unique London tourist attraction offering visitors an outstanding view of the London skyline from the top of The O2 arena—previously the ‘Millenium Dome’. The 320 m long tensile fabric walkway, suspended 2 m above The O2 arena’s canvas roof, has an incline of 28 degrees at its steepest point. Upon reaching the summit of 52 m, climbers can enjoy views of the Olympic Park, The Shard, Canary Wharf and the Emirates Airline (Thames Cable Car)


Initial designs for the walkway included a central cable system, to which climbers would affix themselves (via a harness) to ensure they would not fall from the walkway. With the risk of a fall from height, designers realised right from the start they needed to create, above-all, a safe environment and experience for all the visitors. However, with this came a number of considerations in specifying a suitable solution. The designers required a system that would provide:

  • A safe means of permanent attachment for multiple users to eliminate the risk of a fall from height
  • A user-friendly solution for anyone with only minimal training
  • A durable solution which would be easy to use.


Latchways worked closely with designers to create a bespoke system that would not only meet all their safety requirements, but also provide a sleek and aesthetically pleasing solution for such an iconic landmark.

Latchways specified a horizontal cable system to be used in conjunction with a Bridgelatch device. The cable system consisted of four runs installed by Latchways’ Registered Installer A2M Safety, utilising a range of componentry and brackets, with a Bridgelatch entry gate at each end to form a designated “safe-zone” for users to attach/detach themselves. The Bridgelatch was chosen as the attachment device for its capability to work on an incline of 0 – 70°; in the event of the user slipping, the device locks on to the cable and arrests their fall.

The O2 also chose the system as it requires user input—The O2 wanted climbers to take control of their own climb and therefore heighten the excitement. The Bridgelatch is an easy-to-use device that, whilst requiring a low-level of user input, provides a perfect solution for such a wide spectrum of potential users.

This kind of system is used by building maintenance workers all the time, but the rest of us rarely get a chance of a proper birds’ eye view, unimpeded by barriers. It’s wonderful to have had it up and running just as so many visitors flocked to London for the games. I hope our system allows people to safely enjoy a newly regenerated part of the capital

James Sainsbury

Account Manager, Latchways