Height Safety


A2M Safety use Latchways Wingrip to provide a safe and flexible system for use in the maintenance and manufacturing of aircraft. For use on the fuselage, tail plane and wings, the Wingrip system is quick to deploy, simple to use and is suitable for work inside the hanger and outside on the apron. WinGrip is rated for fall arrest in wet and dry conditions and has been tested by a third party UK Government appointed company to the rigorous European standard EN795 and is CE marked. The Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and USA safety and fall arrest standards are also satisfied by the Wingrip system.

The Wingrip system can be used as a single point anchor or as a multi-user system by using a number of vacuum pads with a single or pair of cables spanning between them. The system is powered by compressed air or nitrogen, without the need for batteris, electrical cables or large equipment. Being completely non -electircal and with no metal on metal moving contact, the system is inherently safe with fuel tanks open.

The users attach themselves to the cables using an adjustable work positioning rope. The unique Latchways Shuttle, allows the users to access the complete wing without the need to disengage from the cable. This is because the Shuttle simply glides over the intermediate brackets fitted to the Wingrip vacuum anchors. The flexible stainless steel cables can be supplied with or without a coating to eliminate any metal on metal contact.